"You’re looking rather serious today. What’s the matter? Did the pretty little wet nurse take away your pillaging privileges?"

"Sera has nothing to do with this. Leave her be."

"So protective of your little human! Or is it possessive? Tell me, does she taste as good as I’ve imagined? I bet she’s sweet like candy, melts right in your mouth.”

"That is none of your concern."

"Have you not tried her yet? All those years of sleep must have done you ill. I remember a time when a thousand sacrificial virgins couldn’t satisfy you. What sort of dragon are you?"

"A better one."

"How disappointing. Perhaps I’ll pay your Sera a visit. I’m always happy to make a human scream." 

"If you harm her, I swear—"

"Don’t be so melodramatic. I have much better plans for her than pain. You see, I’m going to give her the most intense pleasure she’s ever felt in her life. I’m going to make your dear Sera gasp and squirm and scream for me the way you wish she’d scream for you.


"I’m going to do things to her you’ve never considered in your wildest fantasies and when I’m finished, she won’t even remember your name." 


"Because I’m bored and I feel like ruining someone’s day. You’ll understand the next time you take your sweet Sera to bed, when you delve your tongue inside her and she cries out for me instead.

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