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"I suppose it’s hardly worth asking if you will let me go."
"And allow a dangerous freedom fighter like yourself to run around on the lose, stirring up trouble? No, no. Better to keep you close, I think."
"You had better pray I never get out of these chains, dragon, because when I do I am coming for your head first.”

Anonymous asked: I think about seri and levi often. You created beautiful characters. BEAUTIFUL.



Imagine Person B of your OTP going through a horrible transformation because of magic, and now they’re a weird supernatural creature of some kind, though still human inside. They’re worried Person A will freak out when they show them, but instead Person A just kisses them and tells them they love them for who they really are, no matter what they look like now.

maybeitsastory-deactivated20131 asked: If you ever get a book tour, your first stop has to be Vancouver, ok?

ok :3


maybeitsastory-deactivated20131 asked: I have this daydream where I really improve my writing skills and then I meet you and we work on a screenplay of Drakonfire and then we pitch it to a bunch of people in the movie biz and someone decides they'll take it and they make it into a movie with Tom Hiddleston as Levi and then somehow we meet him and get to talk about creative stuff. This is how I spend my imagination and my life is out of control. Halp!

I am okay with this.

nostalgicalice asked: Hi okay so I'm in love with your blog, but I'm a little confused as to where to start with all this. Are Levi and Sera your OCs that you made up for an original story? Also, is there is a collection of your amazing writing from beginning to end, because that would be awesome.

Sorry for the delayed response! Yes, Sera and Levi are original characters I made up for an original story I’m writing whose faces I stole from Tom Hiddleston and Bridget Regan because they are both so beautiful.

It all really started over the summer because the awesome Pixie saw this post and came up with a plot bunny about a dragon turned man and then she, Veronica and I all decided to pick up that idea and run with it and see all the different ways our stories took shape.

Then I basically lost control of my life and these characters took over and this blog happened and now I guess I’m on crack. No, wait. That’s not right.

There’s not really any rhyme or reason to the blog, just random blurbs and scenes that came to me at all hours of the night over the summer and kept me up until 7AM writing them and revising them and eventually posting them. If you wanna start on the last page and read the blog in reverse, I guess that might be the closest you’ll get to a coherent progression of ideas, as that’s the order in which things kinda took shape in my mind and were subsequently spewed onto my poor, abused keyboard.

yukak0 asked: //SREAMS// *pouncegreet* YOU'RE BACK OH HAPPY DAY

I felt his kiss like a dull, sweet ache under my ribs. It smoldered just behind my belly button and rippled outward, like plucking the center string of a silken web and letting its vibrations spread. I inhaled the scent of him as he turned, bringing his other hand up to the back of my head. He held me there, his eager lips intent on mine. I curled my fingers under his jaw, guiding his chin up so my mouth could move more easily over his. He sighed my name and the sound moved through me, waking me up as only he could.

Moments like this made me question why I bothered with anyone else when I knew they’d never get me to ache the same. I only ever felt alive with Levi’s mouth, and Levi’s fingers, and Levi’s body slick under my hands. He was the only thing that made me feel grounded and real, like a whole person instead of just a ghost repeating the motions because I’ve yet to realize I’m dead.

I tightened my grip on Levi’s jaw and pressed my mouth more insistently against his. My teeth grazed his lip and he whined quietly. His lips were soft and damp and parted for me at the slightest caress from the tip of my tongue. One of his hands curved around the back of my neck while the other took a handful of my hair. I mussed his carefully tamed curls, dragging my nails over his scalp as I forced my fingers through. Levi growled low in his throat and nipped at my bottom lip. When I regretfully drew back, he looked at me with eyes darkening to a stormy grey.

M’eudail,” he said. “I am sorry I upset you.” Swollen lips traced the line of my jaw and paused to suck on the patch of skin just behind my earlobe. “But know that what you felt tonight, I feel every time you touch another man.” His mouth closed over my ear and my eyes drifted shut. I groaned, nails lightly scratching his neck and scalp.

“Mmm, it was still cruel, Levi,” I said. “I don’t do it to hurt you.” I do it to forget you. “You were trying to upset me. There’s a—ah! There’s a difference.” He sighed, breath hot against my ear. “And you used some poor woman just to make your point.”

“I haven’t even begun to make my point,” Levi said. “But…you are right. I made a mistake.” He pressed his lips to my earlobe and nuzzled his nose into the hollow beneath it. “Can you forgive me?”

“I don’t know,” I replied. “I’m not done being annoyed at you yet.” Levi leaned back to look at me.

“Then I’m not done apologizing,” he said, and kissed me again.

i-aint-bovvered-deactivated2014 asked: So I live on this blog and I'm never leaving okay. O K A Y



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